About The DAAC

The Division Avenue Arts Collective (DAAC) is an all-volunteer collectively run DIY/DIT art space and music venue in the heart of Grand Rapid's downtown arts district, The Avenue for the Arts. Since 2003, The DAAC has provided an unjurried "public access" venue that is entirely programmed by individual volunteer community members. All events at The DAAC are ALWAYS all ages and are drug and alcohol free.

Interested in getting involved? That's awesome! The DAAC is an all volunteer-run space, so we are always in need people to help out with shows and to keep the place properly maintained. You can learn more about volunteering by clicking here. Wanna book a show? Rad! Click here.

To provide the Grand Rapids area with a place for collaboration that supports independent, personal and cultural expression.

The DAAC is comprised of individual voices that collectively form an all-ages space that:
Supports personal and cultural expression; Encourages inclusive collaboration and a "Do It Together" mentality; Promotes interaction with other communities; Encourages the growth of emerging artists; Is non-commercial; Independent; Institutionally transparent; And functions to create an accessible place for artist, patrons and the community.