The DAAC is here to help. If you have a cool idea for a show, happening, or event, we want to help you figure it out. Here are some resources to make whatever you want to do a little easier to plan and execute. Here you will find some little publications we've made to better explain ourselves and give you some tips for organizing events. There are some downloadables and a couple versions of our logo so you can add it to your awesome flyers.

A DAACument of Manifestation

We made this little zine as an introduction to what we are and what we are all about. We've always had a little problem explaining it. Hopefully these 8 little panels help out. Taking a cue from the very inspirational MESS HALL in Chicago, there is also a fold out poster on the inside that outlines 10 main points that guide our organization. You can find physical copies at the DAAC, and sometimes at various coffee shops, independent record stores, and other cool places around town.

Print your own!
We used the "8-sided zine" format so we could do it all on one sheet. Print out these .PDFs on the front and back of a single 11x17 sheet of paper and follow these instructions for cutting and folding. We've been hanging the poster on our walls.

Front (.PDF)

Back (.PDF)

7 Ways To Throw A Show

Way back in 2005, Jenn Schaub (DAAC-member supreme) developed this very informative guide to throwing one's very own DIY art shows. It was written as part of her studio practice in one of Paul Wittenbraker's outlook-changing Civic Studio projects at GVSU. Many of us were apart of this project, but Jenn (as usual) produced some of the most useful work. Oh, and dudes, check out Neil Hubert! He did the layout design. We really recommend viewing this in fullscreen-mode.

Print your own!
Same deal. These are super out of print - so just make your own! Print out the .PDF below:

7 Ways... (.PDF)